Dear Supporters,

To you, our students, supporters, partners, donors, Board and staff, THANK YOU for being a part of our ONE AMAZING COMMUNITY! 

From COVID-19, to the deep prevailing racial injustices, to the devastating fires, our students, families, and communities suffered greatly this year. 

Yet, because of your generosity, compassion, and enduring belief in our mission, we have so much to be grateful for and to celebrate! This year, we reached 12,000 students and their families, supported more than 2,200 in college, and celebrated our largest graduating class ever: 244! 

Our thank yous are dedicated to you, and to the countless ways you helped us to stay positive, strong, and together this year so that we could keep our students from low-income backgrounds engaged and connected to their education. 

Thank you for being there for our students, and thank you for being One Amazing Community! 

Dear Supporters,

To you, our students, supporters, partners, donors, Board and staff, THANK YOU for being a part of our ONE AMAZING COMMUNITY! 

From COVID-19, to the deep prevailing racial injustices, to the devastating fires, our students, families, and communities suffered greatly this year. 

Yet, because of your generosity, compassion, and enduring belief in our mission, we have so much to be grateful for and to celebrate! This year, we reached 12,000 students and their families, supported more than 2,200 in college, and celebrated our largest graduating class ever: 244! 

Our thank yous are dedicated to you, and to the countless ways you helped us to stay positive, strong, and together this year so that we could keep our students from low-income backgrounds engaged and connected to their education. 

Thank you for being there for our students, and thank you for being One Amazing Community! 


Board of Directors
2019 – 20

Toby Mumford, Chair*

Sandy Donnell, Vice Chair, Chair Elect*

Sharon Segal, Vice Chair, Resource Development

Eric Bindelglass, Secretary

Sheila Larsen, Assistant Secretary

Peg Pike, Treasurer

Nancy Warren, Assistant Treasurer

Jay Abbe, Chair, Sonoma Advisory Board

Janelle Marie Charles

Jonathan Eldridge

Deborah Goldman, Chair, Napa Advisory Board

Wynne Grossman, Co-Chair, Contra Costa Advisory Board

John Jorgensen

Guy Lampard

Denise Lucy

Patrick McCallum

Mike Mauzé

Mark Mokelke, Chair,
Marin Advisory Board

Lizbeth Najera-Muñoz

Monica Oliva Jimenez

Susan Preston

Bert Richards

Luis Silva-Behrens

Madeleine Sinclair

Jennifer Sweeney, Chair, South Bay Advisory Board

Tam Tiet

Michael Whitcomb

Mary Wolfe, Chair,
San Francisco Advisory Board

Kim Mazzuca, President


Honorary Board Members

Judy Edgar, Founder

Graham Brandt

Jeanie Casey

Barbara Dalmau

Herb Dwight

Pepe Gonzalez

John King

Peter Lee

Saul Peña

Larry Rosenberger

John Scarborough

William Smith

Wanden Treanor

Giulia Welch


Contra Costa Advisory Board

Wynne Grossman,

Melody Howe Weintraub, Co-Chair

Mark Bustillos

Mark Friedman

Will Hayes

Joanne Levy-Prewitt

Susan Lindheim

Lynne Royer


Marin Advisory Board

Mark Mokelke, Chair

Pam Cook

Barbara Dalmau

Kirsten Edwards

Linda Frank

Pepe Gonzalez

Lisa Katz

Monica Mehra

Angela Nicholson

Lisa Scopazzi

Donna Seager

Fred Silverman

Tracy Solomon

Gabrielle Tierney


Napa Advisory Board

Deborah Goldman, Chair

Maria Cisneros

Jeff Dodd

Matt Eisenberg

Jessica Erickson

David Freed

Manbin Khaira Monteverdi

John Mackie

Alfredo Pedroza

Ira Schwartz

Carol Whichard


San Francisco Advisory Board

Mary Wolfe, Chair

Cherie Aquino

Luis Arellano

Chris Boyd

Andy Burtis

Carmen Castro-Franceschi

Jane Coté-Cook

Lia Economopoulos

Margy Halloran

Vanessa Holton

John Jorgensen

Kevin Lowry

Katy Mooney

Lizbeth Najera-Muñoz

Melisa Power

Ellie Shephard

Michael Whitcomb

Mona Zhao


Sonoma Advisory Board

Jay Abbe, Chair

Pedro Avila

Kristi Burgess-Ebner

Lisa Carreño

Sonu Chandi

Pam Chanter

Herb Dwight

Jane Dwight

Mitch Greenberg

Dr. Steven Herrington

Katie Jackson

Andrea Learned

Cynthia Negri

Steve Page

Monica Pelayo

Alan Preston

Dr. Gregory Sawyer

Martin Stein

Lisa Wittke Schaffner


South Bay Advisory Board

Jennifer Sweeney, Chair

Chris Funk

Trish Hayward

Peter Katz

Mike Marcellin

Sogoal Nance

Adhir Ravipati

Tracy Sedlock 

*As of October 24, 2020, the officers for the Board of Directors appointed for Fiscal Year 2021 Sandra Donnell, Chair; Guy Lampard, Vice Chair; and Toby Mumford, Ex-Officio. Toby Mumford completed three years as Board Chair.

Lizbeth Najera-Muñoz 

10,000 Degrees Donor Since 2020
New Board Member

I came to the US from Mexico when I was nine years old. I didn’t know that I was undocumented until high school when I was trying to apply to colleges and a nonprofit who came to present about FAFSA said I couldn’t apply. However, they told me about various private scholarships available.

My parents sacrificed a lot for me to be here. I’m the first in my family to graduate from college. Going to college and then to law school was the minimum I could do to honor them and make their sacrifices worth it.

As an immigrant, I felt getting an education was the only way to achieve the American dream. 

The mission of 10,000 Degrees is very personal to me. I know first-hand how impactful the services are to the students who need them. I would have benefited greatly from 10,000 Degrees. Yes, our Fellows run workshops and help with financial aid and college applications, but they also give intangible help and positive reinforcement, saying “I support you and believe in you.” I didn’t get that growing up, I actually got the opposite. Many people discouraged me from going to college and law school, and didn’t believe in me. I don’t know how, but somehow I was able to believe in myself.

Now, I work for a big multi-national company that assists other international companies. It’s intellectually challenging work, but by being on the 10,000 Degrees Board, I feel I’m helping the world be a better place for students whose challenges I know all too well.

Jennifer Vargas and her family
10,000 Degrees Alumna
University of California, Davis, 2020

Sharon Segal

10,000 Degrees Donor Since 2009
Honorary Board Member
Legacy Society Member

Living in Marin, I never realized how many students were living under the poverty line. Once I met Kim Mazzuca, President and CEO of 10,000 Degrees, I began to understand the need. And I also knew that this was something I could never turn my back on. Without education, people have a very small chance of making it in this world and being successful. Education is the great equalizer.

10,000 Degrees entire staff is 100% committed to the goals they have set for themselves. Their enthusiasm is overwhelming. Everyone is dedicated to helping all the students in need.

10,000 Degrees work will never be done. There is always more to do, and I feel very blessed and honored to be on their Honorary Board. I will be involved as long as I can to help young people get the education they deserve.

Giving to 10,000 Degrees is a long-term commitment for me. I want to make sure that 10,000 Degrees goes on forever, and I’d like to be a part of it, whether I’m on this earth or looking down from above.

I cannot think of a better way to help my community and help a young person than by giving to 10,000 Degrees. To me, it’s the most important gift that I can give.

Suzanne Badenhoop & Guy Lampard

10,000 Degrees Donors Since 2015
Suzanne Badenhoop, One Amazing Night Committee Member
Guy Lampard, 10,000 Degrees Board Vice Chair

Almost 20 years ago, I (Guy) volunteered to be a mentor for a Marin City student, Rondell Gibson. Rondell was in high school and part of the Marin Education Fund, now 10,000 Degrees. I helped him apply for colleges and financial aid. We were both very proud of him when he graduated from St. Mary’s College. Today, Rondell is the
10,000 Degrees Southern Marin Program Manager, overseeing Marin City programming.

Why do we give to 10,000 Degrees? Rondell! Rondell is the answer for everything. But seriously, there is a constituency of people who can really be helped by 10,000 Degrees. If you care about our society and want to be helpful, it’s a natural fit.

 Given the over 80% college graduation rate for 10,000 Degrees students, which is well above the national average, supporting 10,000 Degrees is a no-brainer. And these students are also graduating with significantly less debt. Their mission is very close to our hearts. But the implementation and impact of the program are the greatest selling points.

COVID-19 has revealed a lot of inequities in this world. The way that the 10,000 Degrees staff rallied to address those needs is just amazing.

If you want to invest in a successful organization that changes lives of young people for the better, you too can affect the arc of success for young people and our society as a whole by investing in 10,000 Degrees. We feel it’s the best return on our investment!

Lead Investors

10,000 Degrees Lead Investors generously donated $25,000 or more between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2020.

Buck Family Fund of the
Marin Community Foundation°°°° 

Suzanne Badenhoop & Guy Lampard°,
in honor of Rondell Gibson

Seth & Amy Barad° 

The Barinaga Goodman Fund
of West Marin Fund 

Jane Borg° 

The Chrysalis Fund° 

Susan & Mitchell Cohen°° 

Community Foundation Sonoma County° 

Consul General of Mexico, San Francisco 

Jean-Pierre L. Conte & Hillary Thomas 

S. H. Cowell Foundation°° 

Jean Davis & Gregory Young° 

The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation  

Dodge & Cox°°° 

The Dow Family° 

Herbert & Jane Dwight° 


First Republic Bank°° 

Susan Flagg & Carlo Rocca°

The Beatrice Fox Auerbach Foundation Fund°° 

The Fullerton Family Foundation°°° 

The Joseph A. & Judith M. Gappa Fund 

The Gruber Family Foundation°°° 

Susan & Dennis Gilardi° 

The Robert & Shirley Harris Family Foundation 

The Hearst Foundations° 

Jackson Family Wines, Inc.° 

The Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation 

John Jordan Foundation° 

Justice, Justice Foundation°° 

Kaiser Permanente Northern California Fund for Health Education°° 

The Nancy H. and James Kelso Fund° 

The Kimball Foundation°°° 

Loomis, Sayles & Company 

Chuck & Chris Michaels°°°,
in honor and memory of Mike Michaels 

The Milagro Foundation° 

Moeller Foundation, Inc.° 

Napa Valley Vintners 

The Joseph Pedott Perpetual Endowment Trust° 

The Crescent Porter Hale Foundation 

Susan & Alan Preston 

Bill & Eva Price° 

The Quest Fund°° 

Redwood Credit Union° 

Albert & Roxanne Richards°° 

Ropes & Gray 

Larry & Diane Rosenberger°°°° 

The Sand Hill Foundation 

George H. Sandy Foundation°° 

The Sedlock Walsh Family° 

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors° 

Sonoma County Office of Education° 

Cathy Stashuk (Legacy gift)  

The Stupski Foundation 

The Sundial Fund, in memory of
Eileen Lindsay Crocker

Jennifer & Ryan Sweeney° 

Terri Tachovsky & Karen Knudson 

TPG Capital° 

Victor & Karen Trione° 

Susan & David Tunnell 

The Wellington Management Foundation° 

Mary & Michael Wolfe° 

The Rich & Kim Zamboldi Foundation 

Anonymous (3) 


Loyal 10,000 Degrees Donors for:

20+ years °°°°

15+ years °°°

10+ years °°

5+ years ° 

Lead Partners

We are grateful to our lead partners who believe in our students and invest in our work with their time, energy, and financial support.

Thank you to the Buck Family Fund of the Marin Community Foundation for 40 years of partnership and investment.

10,000 Degrees Academic Support Volunteers

Thank you for being ONE DEGREE of change!

The 10,000 Degrees Academic Support Program matches volunteer tutors with students from low-income backgrounds in Marin County public schools.

Established in 1997 as Marin County School Volunteers, the organization began with 40 volunteers in six Marin County public school districts. Today, the 10,000 Degrees Academic Support Program has 200+ volunteers serving 5,000+ students in 26 Marin County schools. Our program provides academic tutoring, classroom support, and homework assistance for students in K-12. During the pandemic, our volunteers have done an amazing job of shifting all of their work with the students to be virtual.

We are very grateful to our dedicated volunteers and school partners. We appreciate all you do to bring the 10,000 Degrees Academic Support Program to our Marin County students!

Thank you to our Academic Support Volunteers who devoted their time to the 10,000 Degrees students during the 2019-20 school year!

Ellie Ahlgren

Debbie Alcouloumre

Mickey Allison

Laura Anderson

Marilyn Angelo

Lori Bachman

Margie Baer

Keith Baker

Kim Barker

Nance Becker

Kim Belgarde

Dorothy Bentley

Richard Bernstein

Richard Bohnet

Margaret Brandt

Josh Brier

Rhea Brown

Ronald Brown

Bob Cahn

Anekah Calderon

Pat Carlone

Rodrigo Castro

Jane Chaplain

Susan Cohen

Don Cohon

David Colton

Carla Crahan

Rebekah Cunningham

Trent Cutler

Stephanie Dal Porto

Mary Dinday

Michael Dore

Susan Duncan

Kristine Durfee

Pamela Elliott

Mary Elmstrom

Wendy Erickson

Rod Eshelman

Debra Faber

Randall Faccinto

Gayle Farkas

Lois Feld

Randy Field

Debra Fletcher

Joan Flood

Franklin Fong

Hannecristl Fruhauf

Victoria Fung

Linda Garb

Daniel Gelbaum

Kenneth George

Karen Gerbosi

Leslie Gerstenfeld

Gay Gilliland

Stephen Gold

Walter Gonzales

Richard Greene

Barbara Grieco

Newton Harband

Bridget Harris

Gail Harris

Philip Hart

Hal Hassin

Robert Healy

Eduardo Hernandez

Patricia Hess

Gary Heyman

Kim High

Marjorie Hilton

Wendy Homer

Glenn Hopkins

Peter Horn

Tes Howell

Catherine Hunter

Christina Hurwitz

Dan Joaquin

Earl Johnson

Melody Jones

Holly Kaufman

Charlotte Kells

Rachel Kertz

Barbara Killey

Susan King

Yvonne Klein

Theresa Koblenz

Noele Kostelic

Dotti Kuchem

Daniel Kunstler

Christine Lachman

Yasmine Lancaster

Marc Langenberg

Janie Lee

Karen Leiva

Henri Lese

Barbara Levy

Anne Lieberman

Susan Little

Jeff Lockwood

Patricia Lord

Samantha Lyons

Norm Lyons

Barbara Madrid

Sherry Manis

Marc Marvin

Patti McKay

Michael Metzner

Pat Miller

Martha Moffett

Lauren Monson

James Monson

Laura Monterosso

Leonette Morrison

Ted Moyer

Jill Murphy

Pat Myers

Carol Nash

Axel Nelson

Frances Nelson

Robert Neuhaus

Maria Orendorff

Cindy Ostroff

Elizabeth Paris

Carol Perry

Deborah Phelan

Debbie Piattelli

Ned Pinger

Judith Pomeroy

Matthew Quint

Ruthanne Ranz-Appell

Diana Richmond

Jay Ripps

Colleen Rogers

Robert Rosenberg

Diane Rosenberger

Ellen Rosenstein

Sandra Rowett

Suzanne Rush

Judi Sachs

Iris Saligman

Karen Santiago

Fran Scher

Richard Schiller

Margo Schmidt

Joan Schretlen

Katelin Schroeder

Cathy Schroeder

Alex Schumacher

Sally Secor

Ellen Seh

Gale Serin

Patricia Shea

Wendy Shearn

Carole Sherick

Veronica Siggins

Fred Silverman

Dian Simpkins

David Spaulding

Mollie Squires

Sheila Starr

Mark Stevens

Carol Tabb

Eric Tepper

Monica Towers

Sandy Truex

James Turner

Madison Uhlhorn

Chip Vetter

Megan Walton

Eliza Warde

Anne Warner-Reitz

Lucinda Watson

Barbara Wenger

Lynn West

Joanna West

J. Gillian Wheelock

Sandy Williams

Karen Wilson

Laurence Wolf

Stephen Yafa

Carolyn Zaroff

Linda Zipperstein

One of my mentees, a fourth grade Marin City ELL (English-Language Learner) math student, had missed several lessons. I sat in on the math teacher’s lesson on Zoom, then had a combination FaceTime/Zoom call with the student separately. We did the math problems together in real time. His mother then sent me a text ‘Muchas gracias por estar pendientes de mijo, un millon a gracias’ — ‘Thank you so much for watching over my son.’ This text from a busy mom brought tears to my eyes.
Debra Fletcher
10,000 Degrees Academic Support Coordinator with students

10,000 Degrees Academic Support School Partners

for the 2019-20 School Year

Partner School in Bolinas-Stinson Union School District    

Bolinas-Stinson Elementary


Partner Schools in Novato Unified School District  

Hamilton Meadow Park

Loma Verde Elementary

Lu Sutton Elementary

Lynwood Elementary

Novato High

Olive Elementary

San Jose Intermediate

San Marin High


Partner Schools in San Rafael City School District   

Bahia Vista Elementary

Coleman Elementary

James B. Davidson Middle

Laurel Dell Elementary

San Pedro Elementary

San Rafael High

Short Elementary

Terra Linda High

Venetia Valley K-8


Partner Schools in Sausalito Marin City School District      

Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy

Willow Creek Academy


Partner Schools in Shoreline Unified School District       

Bodega Bay Elementary

Inverness Elementary

Tomales Elementary

Tomales High

West Marin Elementary


Partner School in Tamalpais Union School District 

Tamalpais High

10,000 Degrees middle school students from Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy on a field trip at Oakland Museum of California in February 2020

10,000 Degrees Staff

Thank you to our dedicated staff! We are so grateful to your amazing commitment to our students!

Kim Mazzuca°°°°, President & CEO

Maria Aldana Montejo, Data Intern

Katia Ambrocio Villa, Fellow, Napa

Elizabeth Anguiano Urtiz, Fellow, West Contra Costa

Saga Apostol Guedez°, Program Manager,
City College of San Francisco

Avalon Baldwin°, Data & Evaluation Manager

Reyna Barrera Aguilar, Fellow, San Francisco State & Sacramento State

Scott BonDurant°°, Program Director,
College Success & Fellowship

Barbara Bravo, Fellow, Sonoma Valley

Doug Brown, Academic Support Coordinator

Amy Carrera, Academic Support Coordinator

Jocelyn Castillo, Scholarship Intern

Josue Castillo, Fellow, Santa Rosa Junior College

Younie Chang, Senior Staff Accountant

Jin Choi°, Director, Scholarship Programs

Katrin Ciaffa, Regional Director, Sonoma & Napa County

Noelle Colomé, Director, Institutional Advancement

Gladys Cortez Fajardo°, Program Manager, Southern Sonoma & West Marin

Julie Creighton°, Director, Finance & Operations

James D’Haiti, Fellow, San Francisco

Ana Diaz Galvan, Fellow, Northern Sonoma

Kate Ecker°, Strategic Projects Consultant

Debra Fletcher, Academic Support Coordinator

Chinna Ford°, College Success Manager

Gracie Francisco°, Program Manager,
Northern Marin

Noemi Garibay, Fellow, South Bay

Rondell Gibson°°, Program Manager,
Central & Southern Marin

Diana Glasco, Accounting Assistant

Monica Golden, Academic Support Coordinator

Abigail Gonzaga Toxqui, Fellow, College of Marin

Christopher Gonzales°, Program Director, New Markets

Carlos Gonzalez, College Success Advisor

Stephanie Hamilton, Scholarship Manager

Nasheli Hau-Gutierrez, Fellow, San Francisco

Maria Hernandez, Fellow, Northern Marin

Keila Itzun, Fellow, Central Marin

Jose Jimenez, Program Manager,
San Francisco

Walter Jones, Fellow, San Francisco

Mia Klenk, Fellow, California State Universities

Judy Kramer, Academic Support Manager

Yessenia Kuhn°, Development Manager

Traci Lanier°°°, Vice President, External Affairs

Nancy Legge°, Grants Manager

Ursula Lopez, Fellow,
Universities of California

Marisol Magaña Bright, Fellow, Santa Rosa Junior College

Lupita Mercado, Fellow, West Marin

Claudia Moeller, Vice President,
Strategic Growth

Carla Moran, Program Manager, South Bay

Hanh Nong°, Marketing Coordinator

Hardy Olivas, Fellow, Contra Costa College

Lisa Pavlovsky, Academic Support Coordinator

Jeanette Perez, Fellow, College of Marin

Liz Perez°, Program Manager,
Northern Sonoma & Sonoma Valley

Saul Pimentel, Fellow, College of Marin

Hector Plancarte-Romero, Fellow, Northern Marin

Hugo Que°, Program Manager, Napa & West Contra Costa

Josue Ramirez,
Data & Evaluation Associate

Brisia Reales, Scholarship Coordinator

Tania Requenes°, Program Manager,
College of Marin

Stefany Reyes, Fellow, Petaluma & West Marin

Maria Rodriguez, Fellow, Southern Marin

Kevin Rojas De León, Fellow, Northern Marin

Yngri Romero, Fellow, Northern Marin

James Saito, IT Consultant

Karla Santiago, College Success Manager

Anna Schlegel°, Director, Annual Giving & Events

Caroline Silverstein°,
Chief Development Officer

Gwen Snider, Career Development Manager

Itzel Sosa Cervera, Fellow, Santa Rosa Junior College

Essence Spencer, Fellow, San Francisco

Linda Steck°, Development Volunteer

Alex Stern°°, Program Director, North Bay

Brissa Teodoro, Fellow, Southern Marin

Megan Topping°, Director, Corporate Engagement

Leidy Tovar Almanza, Fellow, City College of San Francisco

Maria Vargas, Fellow, Northern Marin

Halea Waters, Program Manager, Santa Rosa Junior College

Briona Winston, Fellow, City College of San Francisco

Alaina Yoakum, Director, Marketing & Communications

Susanna Zúñiga-McGuire, Accounting Manager 


Staff who have worked for 10,000 Degrees:

20+ years °°°°

15+ years °°°

10+ years °°

5+ years °