Our Fellows Lead the Way

Our Fellows empower our students to realize their college dreams. These near-peer mentors are recent college graduates who share lived experiences and backgrounds with our students and are mostly alumni of 10,000 Degrees. Their deep content expertise, strength-based approach, and belief in every student’s potential allow them to connect with our students in a meaningful way to help them navigate their college success journey. 

Since 2012
Who are 10,000 Degrees Alumni
Current Fellows
From a very young age, my family regularly reminded me of the power and value of education. I grew up hoping I would one day attend college but was unsure of how I would do so. 10,000 Degrees provided me the support, information, and resources necessary to apply to college with ease. As a Fellow, my goal is for students and families to feel heard, understood, and supported through our work.

Elizabeth Anguiano Urtiz

10,000 Degrees Fellow, Contra Costa
10,000 Degrees Alumna
University of California, Merced, 2018

James D’Haiti

Fellow, San Francisco
10,000 Degrees Alumnus
Former College Ambassador
Sonoma State University, 2020

I’m so proud to be a member of the 10,000 Degrees community. 10,000 Degrees has had a big impact on my life, first when I was a student and now as a 10,000 Degrees Fellow.

When I was in college, I was so grateful for the guidance I received from all the various members of the college access team and the Fellows that worked at my university. They taught me that despite being from a low-income, first-generation background, I could still take the necessary steps to pursue my dream of a higher education. Not only did they provide me with financial support, but emotional support as well. I always heard words of encouragement from the Fellows who worked with me, and I made some of my best friends through 10,000 Degrees.

I just graduated from Sonoma State University this past December with a degree in sociology, and now, I’m a Fellow at 10,000 Degrees. Being a Fellow, I can see what a difference we make for students, just like I experienced in college. The role allows us to be impactful and insightful, and to inspire students to believe in themselves. We have a hand in influencing a student’s path to and through college—that’s powerful.

Who We Serve
We believe in the potential of all students
  • 100% Low-Income Backgrounds

  • 89% Black, Indigenous, Latinx & People of Color
  • 85% First Generation to go to College
  • No GPA or Test Score Requirement to Participate

What We Do
Comprehensive support to and through college
  • College & Financial Aid Advising and Navigation

  • Community College Transfer Support
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid Management
  • College Success Support
  • Career & Graduate School Readiness

How We Do It
Our innovative Fellowship Program
  • Near-Peer Coaching

  • Deep Content Expertise & Lived Experience
  • Embedded on Campuses
  • Internships
  • Wraparound Support